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What a day you might have if by accident the head of the car key is left in your hand while the shaft is stuck inside the ignition system? It is a quite a possibility. Suppose you do not have a locksmith’s number! What would you do? Call the towing company, get the car dragged to the dealer’ store, avail the services and pay hundreds of bucks? What if the incident occurs in the middle of the night? Would you find anybody working at the dealer’s? Probably not, and that is where the assistance of a locksmith is required.

Some of the other reasons that can break the keys are as follows:

  • Damaged lock:

During winters the locks may get jammed. This prevents the key from moving, causing breakage.

  • Old and worn out key:

Due to persistent usage even the best keys can go for a toss

  • Cheap quality keys:

Substandard materials are detrimental for the keys, irrespective of how deftly they are made

Bon Air KY Locksmith Store Bon Air, KY 502-771-0989There can be so many trivial reasons but in order to get out of the situation as fast as possible, you will require an experienced and reputed broken key extraction right at the place of the incident. People living in the area, can always contact Bon Air KY Locksmith Store for immediate assistance as we have an impressive track record in the past in resolving similar situations successfully.

Car keys extraction:

Thanks to the numerous locksmithing tools, we exceed the expectations of customers. Apart from the talented experts, our team also stocks various tools for broken key extraction . Once we take control of the situation, it is just a matter of minutes before the ignition system is fired up. If lock repairing is required, we do it right away instead of waiting for a towing van to take the car to the store.

Residential and Commercial keys extraction:

We can claim a lot about our broken key extraction service, but our actions speak louder than words. Not only is the original lock kept intact but the keys are also removed tactfully using a wide range of tools and equipment such as saw tooth, extractor scissor sets, and what not.

Thus, you can always contact us at 502-771-0989 to avail the broken key extraction assistance.